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Business Impact Survey Results 2020

Business Impact Survey Results

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1. Applications, licensing, contact information, and firm registration

NAC 625.210Application for licensure or certification; fees

NAC 625.21XExperience in engineering

NAC 625.220Disciplines of engineering

NAC 625.230Applications for licensure in multiple categories or disciplines

NAC 625.240Licensure on basis of previous licensure in another jurisdiction; examinations

NAC 625.310Examinations: Generally

NAC 625.320Examinations: Land surveyor intern

NAC 625.330Examinations: Notice to appear; failure to appear

NAC 625.340Examinations: Withdrawal

NAC 625.350Examinations: Reapplication after failure

NAC 625.360Examinations: Reapplication after failure of certain oral examinations

NAC 625.410Expiration and renewal of licensure

NAC 625.425Registration of firm: Application; requirements; renewal; fees

NAC 625.615Address of licensee: Filing with and use by Board; notice of change

NAC 625.625Notice of change in licensee’s employer, category or discipline

2. Continuing education requirements

NAC 625.430Requirements for renewal of license NAC 625.470Assignment of professional development hours to certain activities

3. Code of conduct

NAC 625.510Fundamental principles NAC 625.520Relations with the public NAC 625.530Relations with employers and clients NAC 625.540Relations with other engineers or land surveyors NAC 625.550Licensee employed by governmental agency: Notification to Board of certain conduct by another licensee.

4. Stamping and signing documents

NAC 625.610Stamps, seals and signatures on documents; revision of original plans NAC 625.611Plans, maps and specifications submitted to public authority: Contents; stamps and signatures NAC 625.613Documents prepared by licensee: Inclusion of supplemental information; contents

5. Complaint investigations and disciplinary actions

NAC 625.640Procedure for complaints concerning professional misconduct or incompetence

NAC 625.642Licensee to provide written notice of disciplinary action taken by another entity

NAC 625.645Conditions of probation

NAC 625.646Establishment of advisory committee; members; recommendations

NAC 625.6465Evaluation and disposition of complaint: Duties of Executive Director

NAC 625.647Evaluation and disposition of complaint: Duties of advisory committee; review by Board of recommendation

NAC 625.6475Evaluation and disposition of complaint: Informal conference; hearing de novo.

NAC 625.648 Evaluation and disposition of complaint: Actions of respondent.