Continuing Education Survey Results

Continuing Education Survey Results

BACKGROUND – how we got here...

On the agenda at its September 12, 2019 board meeting in Elko, Nevada, the board considered expanding activities eligible for credit as professional development hours. The board took no action on the item.  However the topic spurred a broader discussion around continuing education.  There was consensus that engineering and land surveying professions are not a finite body of knowledge and life-long learning was necessary—it is innate to the professions for all licensees to continuously develop their skill set.

Further discussion ensued as to whether the accepted continuous learning needed to be state mandated, and whether there was evidence of effectiveness—was the current regulation mandate accomplishing the desired outcomes?

Historically compliance issues considered by the board are related to ethics and knowledge of Nevada laws and regulations. Considering the discussions at the September board meeting, and in light of historical compliance issues, the board referred the item for further work to its Legislative Committee. The Legislative Committee was charged with gathering information, considering possible changes, and reporting back to the board for possible action.

As part of information gathering, the committee sought input from Nevada licensed professionals, hence the NVBPELS Continuing Education Survey that was sent to all Nevada licensed professionals.

TO BE NOTED—a clarification...

From survey comments, clarification is needed regarding the board’s position on continuing education. First, the board has not yet taken action to move forward with any changes to continuing education requirements. Second, it is a consensus of the board that life-long learning is important in developing a licensee’s skill set in technology advancements and industry processes. That always has been the view of the board and continues to be the view. The board is continuing to do its due diligence on this important issue, to best inform it on what if any action should be taken.

NEXT STEPS—where do we go from here…

As the board continues its due diligence, more input will be needed. As more input is needed, the board will engage with its licensees to collect information.  Additional surveys may be sent and opportunities for public comment will be provided. Thank you all for your participation. The board appreciates your feedback on this important issue.