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Show Us What Engineering and Land Surveying Look Like

#ThisisEngineering and #ThisisLandSurveying

Working remotely may present challenges for many of us. Kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms have been converted to makeshift offices. Kids, pets and spouses are sometimes accidental participants in video conferences. But if there was ever a group of people who can devise creative solutions to make these temporary work environments functional, it’s professional engineers and land surveyors.

We’d like to share photos on our social media channels that show some of your inventive solutions. Here’s how it works:

Take a Good Quality Photo

Grab your iPhone or Android phone, and take a good quality photo of your creative workspace. If you’ve designed and built any special shelves, walls, or used tools or technology that makes your workspace unique or funny, make sure you capture it in the photo.

Email the Photo to Us

  • Send the photo to board@nvbpels.nv.gov.
  • Include your first and last name and certification (ie. PE, PLS, EI, LSI).
  • Provide a brief description of the photo in the body of the email, and point out special features of your space.

Review and Posting

We’ll review the submissions weekly and choose the best images. We’ll format the image with the appropriate hashtag (#ThisisEngineering or #ThisisLandSurveying) and post it publicly. We’ll credit you by name and include your description in the post.

By sending us your photo, you’re granting us permission to share the image publicly on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

Please do not send pictures of confidential or unauthorized materials.

Watch for Your Image and Share

Be sure to check all the social media channels daily. If we use your image, be sure to share it with your network.