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International Engineering Comity

International Engineering Comity License​

(First NEVADA PE license, currently licensed in a country outside the United States)​


Through the International Engineering Alliance (IEA) mobility agreements, Nevada recognizes the professional competence of engineering from  member nations to be substantially equivalent to those of Professional Engineers (PEs) in the United States. This creates a pathway to licensure in Nevada for engineers from other countries.

The IEA is comprised of members from 41 jurisdictions within 29 countries across seven international agreements. These international agreements govern the recognition of engineering educational qualifications and professional competence.

Please Note: Nevada is Discipline Specific

Nevada licenses professional engineers by specific engineering discipline. International engineers must have a college degree and experience in the discipline of engineering in which they wish to be licensed. The following disciplines are licensed by the Nevada board:

Agricultural (AGE); Chemical (CHE); Civil (CE); Control Systems (CSE); Electrical (EE); Environmental (ENVE); Fire Protection (FPE); Geological (GEOE); Industrial (INDE); Mechanical (ME); Metallurgical and Materials (METE); Mining and Mineral Processing (MINE); Naval Architecture and Marine (NAME); Nuclear (NUE); Petroleum (PETE); and Structural (SE)

Please note: for a license as a structural engineer (SE), applicants must pass the NCEES Structural Engineering exam.

Application Process for International Comity/Endorsement Licensure in Nevada

1. Apply to be listed on international mobility register
2. Create NCEES record and transmit to Nevada Board 
  • The fee to create an NCEES record is $0.
  • The first-time fee to transmit the record to Nevada (or any other state) is $175.
  • Subsequent transmittals are $75.
  • Transmittal fees are paid directly to NCEES.
3. Complete the Nevada Board short electronic application form 
  • The application fee is $125, paid to the Nevada Board.
4. Send mobility credentials to Nevada Board 
  • Email your APECEA or IPEA ID number to our licensing specialist Jasmine Bailey (jbailey@nvbpels.nv.gov) 
5. Administrative review of application
6. Pass the Nevada open-book state-specific take-home examination
7. Pay pro-rated license fee

1. Apply to be listed on the mobility register of the country where you practice engineering

The register requirements may vary, so contact the licensing authority in your country, such as Engineers Canada, for application instructions.

2. Create an NCEES record and transmit to the Nevada board

When you create an NCEES record, you will be assigned an ID number. As soon as you are assigned an ID number, email your ID number to our licensing specialist, Jasmine Bailey (jbailey@nvbpels.nv.gov). This is done so Credential Evaluation, Exam & License Verification, and the US PE reference requirement can be waived. Both items will be shown highlighted in red, but once waived by Nevada, they will change to green so you can proceed with creating your NCEES record.

You will not be able to complete your NCEES record until we waive these requirements.

An NCEES record includes the information listed below.
  • Education information (Official transcripts are required for all academic credit. In unique circumstances—when it is not possible to attain official transcripts—Nevada will contact NCEES and waive the official transcript requirement. After Nevada waives this requirement you will be able to upload an unofficial copy to the NCEES system).
  • Credential Evaluation (This item will be waived by the Nevada Board).
  • Exam verification (Verification of NCEES FE and NCEES PE examinations will be waived by the Nevada Board) – except for structural engineer applicants who must pass the NCEES Structural Engineering exam.
  • Work experience (Chronological listing and verification of engineering work experience).
  • Professional references (NCEES requires five references, four from licensed professional engineers who can reflect the character and diversity of your experience and are personally acquainted with your professional reputation. One of the references can be a character reference and is not required to be an engineer. Nevada will waive the requirement for US PE references, enabling you to use international registered/chartered engineer references to meet this requirement).
  • Additional questions for the applicant 

After your NCEES record is complete and all tasks are green check marked, electronically transmit the completed NCEES record to the Nevada Board through your NCEES dashboard.  From your NCEES dashboard, after you select Nevada and click transmit, you will be prompted to pay the transmittal fee.

  • The first-time fee to transmit your record is $175.
  • Subsequent transmittals are $75.
  • Transmittal fees are paid directly to NCEES. 

After transmitting your record to Nevada, all NCEES required items that Nevada waived will be reset by NCEES to the original setting. If you want to transmit your NCEES Record to other US states, you will need to have that state waive the requirements. Please note that not all states waive these requirements.

3. Complete the Nevada Board short electronic application Form

You must complete the NCEES record process before completing the Nevada short electronic form. The Nevada Board online application will require the entry of your NCEES ID number, which can only be obtained after you create an NCEES record.

The Nevada Board application requires the information listed below:

  • Personal bio information
  • NCEES ID number
  • Veteran status (not applicable to international applicants)
  • Nevada statutory affidavit questions

Make sure to select PE Comity Licensure Application – $125.00
from the drop-down menu.

4. Email APECEA or IPEA ID number to Nevada Board

Once you are listed on your home country/jurisdiction mobility register, email your APECEA or IPEA ID number and the name of the governing engineering authority in your country that issued your APECEA or IPEA ID number to our licensing specialist, Jasmine Bailey (jbailey@nvbpels.nv.gov).

5. Administrative review of application

Following the completion and transmittal of your NCEES record and the completion of the short electronic form  via the Nevada board’s website, your application packet will be presented to the Board Chair and Executive Director for consideration. This review period generally takes less than 5 business days.

6. Pass the Nevada state-specific take-home examination

Following administrative review of the application, successful applicants will be notified by email.

To complete the licensure process, the approved applicant must pass a short open-book take-home examination on chapter 625 of Nevada Revised Statutes and Nevada Administrative Code relating to the regulations and code of conduct established by the Board. The passing grade for this exam is a minimum of 70%.

7. Pay pro-rated license fee

After passing the open-book take-home exam, you will  receive an email with a link to pay a pro-rated license fee. The purpose of the prorated license fee is to align your license with the appropriate biennial renewal period. 

The biennial renewal schedule for Nevada is determined by the first letter of the licensee’s surname:

  • A through E – renew by January 1 of each odd-numbered year.
  • F through K – renew by July 1 of each odd-numbered year.
  • L through R – renew by January 1 of each even-numbered year.
  • S through Z – renew by July 1 of each even-numbered year. 

After completing the above steps, your Nevada license number will be issued. You will be emailed a copy of your Nevada pocket card with your license details as confirmation. After your license is issued, we will mail you a wall certificate with your license information.