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Proposed Regulatory Repeals and Amendments – February 2023

Proposed Regulatory Repeals and Amendments – February 2023

Reviewing proposed repeals and amendments

The regulations proposed for repeal or amendment can be viewed by clicking the gold links below. Once opened, the blue text narrative at the top of each group of regulations provides context and is included for explanation.

Text additions are shown in green and deletions are shown in red strikethrough.  

After reviewing each category, please click and complete the corresponding survey.

1. Licensure and Examinations

NAC 625.210Application for licensure or certification; fees

NAC 625.230Applications for licensure in multiple categories or disciplines

NAC 625.240Licensure on basis of previous licensure in another jurisdiction; examinations; evaluation of applications; issuance of license

NAC 625.310Examinations: Generally

NAC 625.330Examinations: Notice to appear; failure to appear

2. Professional Land Surveying

NAC 625.660Responsibility for compliance with standards of practice

NAC 625.668Positional certainty: Horizontal and vertical positions of monuments

NAC 625.690  Location of corners, boundaries and monuments

NAC 625.765  Establishment of final location of points

NAC 625.795  Duties regarding geographic information systems

3. Miscellaneous

NAC 625.460Inactive status: Requirements for renewal of identification card

NAC 625.620Fictitious names

NAC 625.625Notice of change in licensee’s employer, category or discipline

NAC 625.635Representation of parties; qualifications of attorneys