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Continuing Education

Continuing Education


Most state licensing boards require licensed engineers and land surveyors to meet continuing education requirements to renew their license. Nevada requires licensees to acquire at least 30 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) biennially, or every two years. In renewing a professional license, licensees are required to report on the Nevada license renewal application PDHs accrued in the preceding twenty-four months (during the current biennial license period).

“Home State” Rule

Nevada recognizes the differences in continuing education requirements across jurisdictions and applies the “home state” rule. If a Nevada licensee resides in a jurisdiction other than Nevada and holds a valid license in that jurisdiction—when that jurisdiction’s requirements are substantially equivalent to Nevada and those requirements have been met— then reporting of PDHs is waived per NAC 625.450 at license renewal.

Please note though, although reporting is waived for those eligible, the licensee is required to have completed the continuing education requirements that are unique to Nevada.

Revisions to Nevada Continuing Education Regulations

Recent revisions to Nevada Administrative Code (NAC 625.430) require that two (2) of the 30 hours must be in professional ethics and one (1) of the 30 hours must be in the provisions of chapter 625 of NRS and NAC, Nevada engineering statutes and regulations.

NAC 625.470 was also revised by adding self-study as an eligible activity to accrue professional development hours. One hour of self-study equates to one PDH.

Options to meet new requirements

Nevada engineering/land surveying statutes and regulations

Self-study is recommended for the one (1) hour requirement focused on Nevada engineering/land surveying statutes and regulations. A considerable number of statutes and regulations have been revised over the past two years, and it is important that licensees are familiar with the provisions by which they are regulated. Reviewing the Statutes & Regulations section of the board’s website, and documenting that review (Take a screen shot, note the date reviewed, and time spent), would satisfy the requirement.

Professional ethics

Considering how much the pandemic has disrupted traditional means of continuing education, several professional organizations provide educational resources on their websites, and many are suitable for earning PDH credits. Self-study via other means is also acceptable, with the appropriate documentation.

Nevada Law and Professional Ethics Webinars

The board is hosting two webinars on May 16 and 17, 2022. This gives licensees an opportunity to fulfil the PDH requirement for 1 hour to review NRS and NAC chapter 625 and 2 hours of professional ethics.

Nevada Chapter 625 Statutes and Regulations Webinar

Monday May 16, 2022 – 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm PDT

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Professional Ethics Webinar

Tuesday May 17, 2022 – 11:30 am to 1:30 pm PDT

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The link to join both webinars is https://zoom.us/j/8286438008
For those unable to participate live, the sessions will be recorded and will be available on the board’s website.
For those unable to attend the Nevada Chapter 625 Statutes and Regulations Webinar live on Monday May 16, 2022, you may watch the recorded video of the webinar and earn 1 (one) PDH credit.
For those unable to attend the Professional Ethics Webinar live on Tuesday May 17, 2022, you may watch the recorded video of the webinar and earn 2 (two) PDH credits.

Professional Development Hour Audits

Following the conclusion of a license renewal period, the board will conduct an audit to verify that regulations are being met and identify any communication issues that may be preventing licensees from understanding the regulations.  A random sample of 100 licensees will be selected, and they will be requested to send documentation to support the professional development hours reported in their license renewal applications.


 If you are an NCEES record holder, you can maintain your continuing education records, free of charge, via your My NCEES account.  The Nevada Board can access your NCEES continuing education records to confirm compliance. 


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