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PLS Practice Exam

PLS Practice Exam

1.    Which of the following corners should be restored to their original position when performing a retracement survey of a section subdivided by the Bureau of Land Management?

2.   The boundary limits and configuration of any new parcel created within a platted industrial or commercial subdivision must be shown on _____________.

3.   A boundary line adjustment can be done by _____________.

4.   Which of the following is NOT required on a Record of Survey?

5.   The following can be used to proportion a lost corner except a _____________.

6.    The performance of Water Rights Surveying in the State of Nevada is limited to _____________.

7.   The number of lots or parcels created by a Boundary Line Adjustment are _____________.

8.   The use of the word “certify” or “certification” by a professional land surveyor constitutes a(n) _____________.

9.    Research of BLM land records are an important part of conducting a boundary survey. Certified copies of the original field notes and special instructions for a Dependent Resurvey may be obtained from _____________.

10.    When surveying the oblique boundary between Nevada and California, from Lake Tahoe to the Colorado River, what survey monuments would you expect to find in this area due to the different attempts to define this line?

11.    The location of a lode mining claim in Nevada _____________.

12.    A firm, partnership, or corporation may engage in the practice of land surveying if _____________.

13.    Which NRS chapter contains laws the govern the subdividing of land _____________.

14.    A bearing tree marked “X BT” indicates _____________.

15.   Which of the following is true related to condominiums per NRS 116.2111? Except as otherwise provided in this section and subject to the provisions of the “Declaration” and other provisions of law, a unit’s owner _____________.

16.    If a subdivider does NOT furnish a performance bond, when are the final monuments for the subdivision required to be set?

17.   As defined in the Nevada Administrative Code, the positional certainty of a point or monument or of the horizontal or vertical component of a survey must be based upon a confidence level of _____________.

18.   The projection used in the Nevada Coordinate System of 1983 is _____________.

19.    The principle meridian for public land surveys in Nevada is _____________.

20.   According to Nevada Administrative Code 625.666, how many classification types of Topographic Surveys are there?