Nevada Stamp

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Fundamentals of Engineering (EI) $50.00  Application fee for initial fundamentals of engineering (EI) certification
Fundamentals of Land Surveying (LSI) $50.00 Application fee for initial fundamentals of land surveying (LSI) certification
Professional Engineer/Structural Engineer$25.00Application fee for initial license 
Professional Engineer/Structural Engineer$125.00Application fee for license by comity/endorsement
Professional Land Surveyor$25.00Application fee for initial license 
Professional Land Surveyor$125.00Application fee for license by comity/endorsement 
Reinstatement$200.00Application fee for reinstatement of a lapsed Nevada license
Nevada Geological Engineer (GEOE)$150.00
State exam for seeking a license as a geological engineer
PLS Nevada Specific (2 hr)$100.00State specific exam required for a license as a NV land surveyor
License Fees
Initial License $25.00- $100.00License fee depends on where license date falls in renewal cycle
License Renewal (biennial) $100.00 A thru E - Jan 1 of odd years      F thru K - Jul 1 of odd years
L thru R - Jan 1 of even years     S thru Z - Jul 1 of even years
License Renewal of Additional Discipline (biennial)$50.00 Per each additional discipline, up to a max of $100 
Late-fee $100.00 Late fee is incurred within 6 months of license expiration date.  After 6 months, you must apply for reinstatement.   
Board Related Fees
Special Consideration or Waiver Request $50.00 Added to application fees at time of application
Other Fees
EI or LSI additional certificate $20.00 
Initial certificate included with application fee
PE or PLS additional certificate 
Initial certificate included with application fee
Firm Registration$50.00Renewed each year on the anniversary date of initial registration
Public Records Request$25.00No charge for first hour, additional hours will be at $25 per hour plus any direct costs to fulfill request